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    No HQ option on iPhone/ipad


      My slingbox solo has been broken for a while, so I havent used the slingplayer app in a long time. I know I used to have an HQ option when using the slingplayer app on my ipad. Today I bought a SlingBox M1, I launched the ipad app and the HQ option is completely gone. The only options it gives me is SQ and Audio only. Did I do something wrong, or did they do something to the app?  Also, I have the HD option on the desktop app.

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          OvCollyer Apprentice

          For reasons best known to themselves they removed the HQ/HD option.


          They say that Auto should cover this but that depends on whether you trust their app to switch up to HQ/HD when the bandwidth is available but I don't think it's foolproof - it's possible to have the bandwidth and it not always make use of it.


          At a guess they got fed up with people choosing HQ/HD when they didn't have the bandwidth available and complaining about the stream buffering - they probably cut down on a bunch of support tickets by removing the option