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    Slingbox keeps asking me to install plug-in


      I don't now if anyone has run into the same issue. However, today when I tried to view Slingbox it says on the website, "A new Slingplayer plug-in is available." You scroll to the bottom, accept and go through the process. Same thing I've done previously. However, after I've downloaded the plug-in and attempt to log in, it asks me to download the latest plug-in...AGAIN!


      I've done everything...re-installed, installed, restarted computer, went into security in Preferences making sure Slingbox shows "allow," etc. Finally, I read the minimum requirements to install the latest plug-in and it says you need an "Intel 2.8 GHz Core 2 Duo class processor or later." I have a 2.4. I'm also using Safari 7.0.5. I've also tried using Chrome. Anyone have a clue WTF is going on? I'm in another country and I cannot watch my shows.

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          Invincible Newbie

          Some of them have done uninstalling and reinstalling the plug-in.that had worked. Try it

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            I'm experiencing the same issue. I'm prompted to install the latest  plug-in and then after it installs it kicks me back to the same prompt  to install the latest plugin - same thing in Firefox, Safari, and  Chrome. Also tried it on another computer with the same result.  Seems  like Slingbox's new plugin update has a glitch in it that they need to  fix.  Not sure there is anything to be done from the user's end. Seems  like a programming error on their end.

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              Have any of you had luck with this? I installed the new plug in but stil keep getting this message:

              Your Slingbox is not currently accessible.


              • Possible causes are:
              • - It could be in the middle of an update
              • - It could be turned off
              • - It may have a local network issue
              • - It may be unable to connect to our backend services
              • - Your router may have an issue
              • Click here for more information.


              I uninstalled the plug-in, but now when I go back to slingbox.com to watch, it doesn't ask me to install anything - it just says the same notification as above.

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                kevin.sling Apprentice

                Hello ACC5255871,


                Have you tried to Reset Safari.


                With Safari already launched, select the word Safari and scroll down and select "Reset Safari".


                Once this is done, reload newwatch.slingbox.com and reinstall the plug-in.  Reseting deletes this off your computer and resets the browser to factory settings.


                Please let me know if this worked.



                Sling Media Moderation Team

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                    I have had the same problem with the slingbox app on 1 pc ignoring my install. It loops asking me to install the update infinity.


                    I also still have a problem with chrome in that the new app puts ads over the spot where I can get to my virtual remote ... making the app completely unusable since I can't get to the virtual remote. This is now on two pcs.


                    Firefox still works, at least on 1 pc, as does the old, legacy windows app. Please don't ruin either.


                    The app issues are making my slingboxs (3)  a complete waste. Please fix your problems.

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                    I am having the same problem using Chrome.  It works on Internet Explorer.  I know exactly what you mean.  I am trying for a resolution. 

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                      I have the exact same issue.  Google Chrome 39, MacOS X 10.10.  It used to work fine.  It works fine in Firefox, but I don't like Firefox.


                      Also, I confirmed that I already had the same version of the plug-in installed, so it shouldn't have needed to be upgraded anyways.  I wonder if Chrome 39 did something to disable the plug-in?  I don't see the Plug-in listed under chrome://plugins but I don't know if it was ever there.


                      Anyways, there's an issue with either Chrome 39 or MacOS 10.10.  Not sure what versions other people are using to get the same issue where the system simply asks you over and over again to install the plug-in.

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                        I had the same problem and tried most of the suggestions here including the RESET option for IE.  None of them worked.

                        However, I was able to get it working by lowering my security settings in IE to the lowest level (Medium) and unchecked the Protected-mode box.  As soon as I did that, the plug-in worked.  I then reset the browser security settings back to Medium-High, re-checked the protected mode box and the plug-in continued to work.

                        From the IE Menu click on:  Tools>Internet Options>Security

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                          I have the same problem after installing the plug-in!!!!!!  It is definitely a software problem as my other computer works fine after the update.... 




                          THE one with problem is running 10.6.8 so I can only use Safari....




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                              Try chrome or internet explorer. I only have that problem with firefox and, I think, only with win 8.1, but that is only by memory.


                              Also, I had chrome issues. I deleted all apps on chrome related to sling technology. Then I reinstalled them with the newest ones available. That solved all chrome issues. Chrome issues related to a player that wouldn't display properly ... the controls couldn't be gotten to.

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                              Hi there ,


                              I have the same problem with safar…really frustrating!


                              I just bought another sling box and I can't use this….


                              No words….not really professional that they don't send another update without this problem



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                                  I have exactly the same problem - I read evrything here but there STILL is NO ANSWER for A SOLUTION !!!!!!!!!!!

                                  Who has found out something, WHO can help ?

                                  NO programmer of slingbix, nobody from the company who offers a solution ???????????

                                  Me too, I am abroad (in Europe), I am using Safari on Macbook Air (Having El Capitan)

                                  PLEASE help with an answer


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                                      I have found that changing the security settings of the WebSlingPlayer Plug-in corrects the issue. Go to Safari/Preferences/Security and click on the Plug-in Settings. Select the plugin on left menu to show the current settings. The security setting for new watch.slingbox.com should show as Blocked. Change that setting to Allow Always.