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    Roku 3 with iPad


      I have a Slingbox 350 hooked up at my parents house in NY and two Rokus for my TVs at my place in Philly. The Roku 3 is hard wired and works best most of the time, but last night when I tried using my iPad to sling to my living room Roku it kept immediately disconnecting. I restarted the Roku a few times and still I had no connection. However, when I tried with my Android phone it worked perfectly. What gives?

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          katie.sling Apprentice

          Hi pkes5879,


          Thank you for using the forms. Sorry to hear you are having an issue with using your iPad and the Roku.


          If the Roku works using an android phone, the issue sounds like it lies within the iPad. I would recommend making sure your iPad has a solid wifi connection, is on the same wifi as the roku, and uninstalling and reinstalling the app. After you try these steps, the iPad should connect again to the Roku.



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