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    Slingbox Pro-HD Sky+ Remote Not Working


      I have had my Slingbox Pro-HD for some time now without problem.

      However, now the remote controls fail on my Android devices.

      I have tried the following:

      Reinstalled Android App (both phone and tablet).

      Rebooted Android device.

      Rebooted Slingbox.

      Performed reset on Slingbox (quick press).

      Performed factory reset on Slingbox and reconfigured from scratch.

      I succeed in getting pictures through to a remote device OK, but if I get the remote controls to be displayed on the Android device, this is short lived. By the next time I try to connect, they are gone again.

      There are no problems with the port forwarding on the router - as pictures abnd sound are fine. I am assuming that the Slingbox sends the remote control to the application, and that is what is going wrong.

      This is really frustrating, as I am travelling abroad at the weekend, and I just know that my Slingbox will let me down, and I will have no way of trying to fix it until I return.

      I tried calling technical support, but was cut off after being on hold for 10 minutes.

      I tried online support, but they didn;t respond to the pop-up box.

      I am very frustrated at the moment.

      Please can someone help?


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          alanrichey42 Master

          First thing you need to tell us is how it behaves on other viewing platforms.   That way you/we will know if the Slingbox is at fault or the Android app.


          And the port forwarding is irrelevant.  This is ONLY used for viewing from a remote location and although you don't say it I assume your are testing over a LAN ?