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    No Video Signal




      My slingbox stopped working some time ago, but I have installed a new router and cable box so I want to get it working again.


      I am using comcast through an Arris SBG6782 modem/router.


      I am using the latest iteration of the Comcast XG1-A cable box.


      I have an older Slingbox Pro-Hd. device.


      My Slingplayer software sees the Slingbox on the network.  (I get solid red on both the network LED, and the omega symbol LEDs on the front of the slingbox.)


      The new cable box has no accommodation for composite connections so I am trying to use a coax cable connection.


      I have attached a coax cable to a splitter hooked up to "cable out" terminus on my cable box.  (The other connection on the splitter runs to a second TV which works fine.)


      I have attached the coax cable coming from the cable box to the "cable in" terminus on my Slingbox.


      When I start Slingplayer I'm taken right to the "Setup Assistant"


      I use the default name. (My Slingbox)

      The country is USA

      I enter and confirm a valid password, and select "next"


      the program defaults to the "ANT IN" selection on  the menu, but I get the "We're not detecting any video" message.  (yes, the cable box is on and sending signal to the second TV attached to the same splitter as my Slingbox)


      I have tried eliminating the splitter and hooking right from the Cable Out terminus on the cable box to the Cable In terminus on my Slingbox.


      All with the same result. "We're not detecting any video"


      Someone, please help!!!     !

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          alanrichey42 Master

          You need to run the Configure Video Inputs and do a scan so it will pick up that your Cable Box is transmitting on Ch3 (or Ch4).    Unlike the TV, which I assume you have tuned to Ch3/4, at the moment the Slingbox has no idea what channel to tune to so is bound to show "No Video".


          Later:  Actually as I remember it will ask you what your setup is and when you tell it you are using a Cable box it will switch to Ch3 automaticaly.

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              Thanks for your responses.  I have tried to configure video inputs several (but not every) time(s).  Again no video signal, although on one or two occasions the error message went away and and the small screen showed white.............


              One thing I haven't done is tried a pass through to the second TV.  That might provide a clue, but I admit I'm totally flummoxed.