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    Is there a way to control the onscreen remote with your iphone when not in ios app?


      I have a slingbox 500 at my fathers house in California and I live in Germany. I can say hookup my computer to my TV via HDMI and watch tv as it should with the slingbox500. If I set my xfinity TV remote to the correct TV with the slingbox installed I can change the channel on LIVE TV using the app. However should I wish to use the remote I must get up and go to the computer?


      Is there a way, or an app to control the onscreen remote from say your computer from a mobile device like a iphone, so I dont have to physically get up and do it?


      And dont ask me how, but xfinity TV remote works from Germany and finds the signal in California and changes live tv channels. And I cant use the slingbox app to control it, cause one logon per use and the app is to watch on iphones, not act as a distant remote.


      Is there a way to do this? Make your iphone or android device a onscreen remote for your browser streaming tv to the HD tv?



      Christopher Anzalone