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    DVR not working


      After hooking up my Slingbox 500, with ATT Uverse internet hookup it operates great.  The problem is that the DVR that comes with Uverse does not operate (record).   I looked over all the connections and everything appears to be connected correctly.  The Slingbox is connected to the top box controler on one TV in one room, and the DVR is connected to another TV in a different room. That set has a message that there are to many TV's connected to the system.  I turned off all other TV's so only that TV was operating.  Any idea what I didn't do? Love getting my cable content anwhere now, but want the DVR to operate also.  Thanks!    Paul in Madison

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          kevin.sling Apprentice

          Hello v4hombre,


          Before you connected the Slingbox 500 to the AT&T Uverse box (the one that does not have a DVR), are you able to select shows to record from that box and they record to the main box?


          If not, the Slingbox 500 mimics what the cable box can do, so this feature will not work.


          If so, the remote that you see on the computer, does it look like the home remote that you have?


          • If not, you may have to reconfigure the Slingbox for a different remote.


          Awaiting your response!!!



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