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    received channels on mobile device?


      I have several injected channels with cctv info on my cable system so they are not listed on the mobile device channel list how do i get my received chanel list on my mobile chanel list?

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          eferz Expert

          You won't be able to do that.  The favorite channel of the Slingplayer is depenant on the Zap2it electronic program guide.  So, you will only be able to add the channels from it to the mobile favorite list.


          I can only think of a couple ways around it.  If your set-top box has a "favorite" feature of its own you could program it to save your "extra" channels.  Otherwise, if you had a Slingbox with a built-in TV tuner (Tuner, Pro, and Pro-HD) then you could just scan the ANT IN channels for your CCTV extra channels.