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    closed captioning doesn't work




      I recently bought a Slingbox M1 and connects it to my cable box (Motorola DCT-700US) using component cables.  The same cable box is connected to my TV.  The closed captioning works fine on my TV, however, the closed captioning on SlingPlayer 5.0 (Windows Desktop) doesn't work.  Any suggestions?



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          This is a slingbox forum and your question was posted in August 2014 and it got no replies from Sling Media?  It is now January 24, 2016 and I've got the same question about getting closed captions, but there's no resolution.  Unbelievable! I just got rid of a Slingbox Pro and the desktop version of Slingplayer 2.x and Closed Captioning was a simple thing to turn on and off.  Is anyone out there willing to say that the Slingbox M1 and Slingplayer v5.0 doesn't have this feature when the older model and program did?  By purchasing this new equipment the feature set was sent backwards?