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    Does Network traffic stay internal (like peer to peer?)


      I am looking at putting slingbox 500 and a Roku Streaming stick at my lake house so I can watch TV out on the patio.   I have internet there but you pay for what you use, so my question is beyond the intial setup of the stream is there any internet usage while watching Slingbox on the same network.   Does it setup a peer to peer between the slingbox 500 and the Roku device?   I know there are a number of other ways to solve this (wireless HDMI, etc) but this would be the easiest/simplest way to do it.



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          Hello dduenkel,


          Thanks for using the forums. In order to use the Roku, you will also need a mobile device such as an iPhone or iPad, or an Android phone. You will launch the app on the device and then connect to the Roku via that app. The Slingplayer application will initally use the internet connection from your phone or tablet and then will transfer to the internet of the Roku.


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