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    Watching away from home


      Help!  I have a Slingplayer and am trying to watch remotely.


      I can connect remotely via my Samsung S4 on Verizon and can share that signal to other devices (Phone, tablet, laptop) but this uses up my Data Plan rather quickly.  I can also connect remotely when using hotel Wifi when I travel.


      However I cannot I cannot connect remotely via my Arris Router (Cableone) using any of the same devices.  I tried to disable the router firewall but that did not help.


      The Slingplayer will begin the connection but doewill s not stream audio/video.  Eventually, the slingplayer goes from Optimizing to Error Connecting with error 0x92340011.  I am told I am able to control the attached DirectTV satellite but I am never able to connect.



      Has anyone seen or heard of this issue?

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          stanley.sling Apprentice

          Hello tonytanker,


               Could you run a speed test on the network of the Arris router? To run this test, please use speedtest.net. After running the test, please respond with the download and upload speed results.






          Sling Media Forum Moderation Team

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            kevin.sling Apprentice

            Hey tonytanker,


            After taking a look at your account, the only Slingbox I see is a Slingbox Classic.  Do you have any other Slingboxes?


            If not have a look at this article below:



            This article will indicate that your Slingbox Classic is not available for an SlingPlayer for mobile device.


            Hope this helps!!!



            Sling Media Moderation Team

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                I have a similar problem with wifi internet access remotely.  I have a slingbox pro hd.  I can access it remotely fine using 4g but I recently tried to access via wifi at a location away from home using the same device and I received a message that there was not an internet connection.  I went back to 4g and I received a message that someone else was accessing the slingbox and it asked if I wanted to disconnect.  After I terminated the other access (assumed to be from my attempted wifi connection) I was able to view it fine through 4g.  I logged out and went back to wifi and received the same messgage that I did not have an internet connection. Speedtest showed a speed of 13mbps.  Any ideas?

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                  Actually I have 2 Classics and have never had this issue.


                  Problem is not the software...I have the same results on laptop (web and slingplayer), tablet, and phone.  Again, they both work via every internet signal in the world but the one in my home.


                  Router help?


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                      I'm certainly not an expert on these units as I just bought my first but if you can access the slingbox outside of your house but not through your router at home it appears to me the issue is with your router but doesn't make sense that you can access your slingbox outside of the home.  If you can get to the internet through wifi to your router using these devices there has to be something within the router configuration blocking the access to the slingbox. I have more than one router in my home and I did read that the slingbox must be using the same router as your main computer that was used to set up the slingbox initially.  When I first tried to set up the slingbox initially, the unit wouldn't set up properly and I received all kinds of error messages that made no sense at all.  At that time I had the slingbox connected to one router and my main home computer that I was using to set up the unit to another.  As soon as I connected the slingbox and the main home computer to the same router it worked perfectly. The wifi in my house that I use to access the slingbox on my other devices at home also is fed off the same router that is connected to the slingbox.   I don't know if you're using wifi or a wired connection but if there are multiple routers involved it could possibly be the problem. Sorry I can't help you much more than that and believe that a slingbox service rep will need to help.  Hopefully it might be something as simple as a dual home router issue.  Good luck!