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    Can I modify an existing device in my directory???


      I'm in the processing of trying to install an MI to an XFinity Arris MR150CNM HD cable box.  As I was setting up my device, I accidentally clicked that the remote control function was working when, in fact, it was not working.  Now I can't use my Windows desktop slingplayer to control any aspects of my cable box (channel change, power on/off, volume, etc).  I can not figure out how to modify my existing device to try other Arris boxes to see if I can get my remote control functionality.  I've verified that my external IR blaster is functioning (I used a camera to see the IR light flashing when I issued remote control commands).  Is there a way to edit an existing Sling device?


      I've also uninstalled/re-installed without any luck.  Every time I reinstall it finds my existing device that I am unable to edit.