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    No audio with M1


      I just connected my M1 with all cables but I'm getting no audio. Everything is plugged in properly. I have a digital TV and Comcast cable box. Ideas?

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          anthony.sling Apprentice

          Hey Mlars,


          Most issues with audio seem to be with the cables. I would take a look at those first. If they are in properly, take a look at the audio settings on the cable box. Make sure they are turned up all the way.


          Check this link below. It should be able to better explain what to try:



          Hope this helps!

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            The reply about the audio settings was a helpful clue.  It turns out that with my M1 and Comcast (Motorola manufactured cable box), it is necessary to go into audio settings and make sure you are on 'stereo,' rather than Matrix, and then hit the optimize button.  That got the audio going for me.  Hope that will help someone else!