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    Very low audio after 350 reset


      OK, things were working well for me except I couldn't get in from outside. After a month or so of putting it off, I finally followed the advice I got here and reset the whole world (it was an IP conflict). It fired right up as I was setting up and looked great. I can now get in from outside.


      The problem now is audio. While I can connect inside and outside, my audio level is just about right for watching a football game in church. Very very low. It's low on all my devices.


      On the computer I can just make out a bit of voice.


      On the Android, the volume is, like, 5% (church level).


      I've spent the last few hours reading all the old posts. The only hopeful thing I see is using Setup Assistant. I don't see this.


      I'm set up as Component plugs and none of the cables changed at all when I did the big reset. Just to be sure though, I pulled them and re-plugged them. No difference.


      I'm using a wireless bridge to get to my network. I'm sure it has to be some setup I can't find since I DO have SOME volume. Just not enough to hear.



      John the Deaf