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    Range of Channels on Sling Mobile for Android


      I have Slingplayer installed on my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy 3).  I can get the app to work but the range of channels on the app only goes up to 100, while the cable box it is hooked up to has a full range of channels from 1 - 899.  Do I need a different app from Slingbox?


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          kevin.sling Apprentice

          Hello billbrandi,


          Which Slingbox are you connecting to that the channels do not allow you to go past 100?


          After a look on your account, it looks like you have a Slingbox SOLO and a Classic.


          If you are connecting with the Slingbox SOLO, I would recommend to reconfigure the Slingbox and select the Digital option of your TV service.


          If you are connecting with the Classic, being that the Classic only connected via Coaxial connection, if the signal coming from your cable provider is scrambled, the Slingbox may not see the higher channels due to the box is only analog.


          Please let me know if reconfiguring the Solo helps!!



          Sling Media Moderation Team