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    Port 5001 FTW!  (Pro-HD, ROKU Stick)


      Hi all, spending a month at the shore, I wanted to be able to watch my home team baseball games (go phillies!).  In the past, I used my Android Tablet and a long HDMI cable to get my slingplayer stream on the TV.  Rather cumbersome, so I thought that Chromecast was the answer.  But as we all know, slingplayer with chromecast isn't on the street yet, and even when it is, it doesn't look like it will support the PRO-HD (which I need to keep because of a coax input requirement).


      Anyhow, I tried screen mirroing from my Galaxy S5 to the chromecast.  Worked sometimes (to be fair, it's in BETA) but not reliably enough to be considered a solution.  My Roku at home is too old to support Sling, so I went out and bought a Roku stick.   Hooked it up last night.  Everything streams GREAT in hi-def- Netflix, MLB-TV, etc., but when I went to use the Slingplayer it would drop in anywhere from 2-10 minutes (I think 10 was my high watermark).  So I scoured these support forums today, and saw a lot of folks with the same issue, and an "alleged" fix to the issue from Sling- although a lot of people are saying it doesn't work for them.


      Now to be transparent, I'm pretty tech savvy as that's what I do for a living.  The sling posts didn't actually make much sense to me as they were geared to people who didn't know much and I kept getting sidetracked in irrelevant (to me) details such as the place to go that tells you how to configure your specific router. So once I boiled the info down to what I needed to know and do, here's what happened:


      1- I remoted into my home PC and ran the setup routint (I think it was setup.sling,com) in order to ascertain the (private) IP address of my PRO HD box, as well as the port (5001) which it was uging (I pretty much have all my devices set up with reserved DHCP addresses; I guess I missed this one when I replaced my router a couple months back). 

      2- I went into my (home) router's config screen (Netgear Nighthawk R7000) and set up a DHCP reservation for the PRO HD so it always gets the same private IP address on my home LAN)

      3- I added a "Port Forwarding" rule on the Netgear to forward port 5001 (both TCP/UDP) to the static IP address I assigned in Step 2.


      After rebooting the router, I then started slingplayer on my phone (when is Android TABLET support coming???) and hit the little icon to play the stream on my Roku Stick.  I selected the Roku device, and it started streaming to the stick/TV.


      Well, that was 90 minutes ago.  No drops yet!


      Now, I'm not calling this thing "solved" yet, nor am I implying that it will fix ALL connectiion issues...just that it seems like it can fix SOME, and advising not to write off the sling directions as useless, because they just may fix your issue!!