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    Unable to connect to Slingbox - Motorola Q -- new upgrade :(


      I have had Slingbox Mobile for many years. I have a Motorola Q (Smartphone - Windows based - no touch screen). It has ALWAYS worked until I upgraded the software. I also updated the software on my computer, which works fine. Both computer/phone have most updated version. I cleared browser, etc in phone, I reloaded the Slingbox Mobile software, I checked my Finder ID, verified my password. When I click on Slingbox Mobile, it says "Checking for updates", "Locating", "Unable to connect to Slingbox". UGH -- DISH NETWORK screwed this up, and when I called customer service, found out they now charge $29.99 per resolution. PLEASE HELP! (I even read previous posts and went to support.slingbox.com and checked info -- Internet setup was completed fine) Thanks in advance!