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    Frequent disconnects using Roku.

    camalus238 Newbie

      I have a week old M1 setup at my house (comcast 100 down 25 up).


      At my cottage 45 minutes away I have charter (60 down 10 up).


      I can stream my M1 perfectly using my android phones and tablets. I can even plug my laptop into my TV using the app and stream perfectly.


      Its actually quite beautiful how well it works.


      The problem is this.... Using the Roku. While I can stream Netflix, Amazon and everything tlse perfectly, the Slingbox app is driving me insane.


      After I start the app on my phone and send it to my Roku, the stream lasts for maybe 20 seconds. Then the app on the roku crashes and takes me back to the main screen. Every single time.


      I have forwarded ports on my router. I have uninstalled the apps from my phone and roku. Used different phones. Used my tablet. $30 in apps on top of the $150 sling and I cant use it for the intended purpose I bought it for.


      Any thing else I am missing to make this work? I am at whits end and about to ship this back to amazon for a refund....