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    Great AV in main window, but only audio in pop-up


      I have a 2009 Pro-HD that has performed well 98% of the time.  However, when using the pop-up window (which I prefer), it occassionally would have only audio and no video.  In the past this problem would go away by re-booting the computer, but now that "fix" isn't working . . . I am gettting 3.5+ MBS upload and 15+ Mbs download speeds from my wifi setup (measured independently), and the AV in the main window is excellent HD, but everytime I try to use the pop-up window I get audio for about a minute and then nothing but the "Connecting to Slingbox" circle.  Skince the main window is fine, I'm assuming there is a software glitch somewhere, but can someone help me out on how to fix this problem?