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    Command key for Slingplayer for Desktop 5.0 software



      There don't seem to be any command-key equivalents while watching (Fast Forward, Pause, Play, Last Channel, etc.).  This is a downgrade from the prior SlingPlayer desktop app.


      Please remedy!


      Ideally, one could customize one's own keys, but at least you should restore the prior functionality.

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          On a similar note, it would be nice to allow the buttons on any given screen to be tabbed through from a keyboard, otherwise it's essential to have a mouse handy to do something like Reconnect.


          One other bug I've noticed (both in the web-app and the new desktop app) is that when in full-screen mode the remote contol (in my case a UK Sky remote) is totally non-responsive.  It doesn't even do the hover-over highlights.  This means that channel changes require coming out of full-screen.