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    Sling catcher says  "No signal"


      It all worked ok last week but not this week, can switching it off cause any problems to the Catcher . It is in another country , internet connection seems all ok and when trying to connect it just says "no signal"


      If I watch slingbox at home on  home network all ok so it seems to be the Slincatcher cant see a signal from the slingbox





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          callanish Apprentice

          I've seen 'no network' come up on a slingcatcher screen, but have never seen it say 'no signal'. Can you clarify that 'no signal' is what's coming up and where exactly its showing up on the screen? If it is saying no signal, that's a new one to me.

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              eferz Expert

              "No signal" usually means you can connect to the Slingbox but the it isn't supplying video.  In most cases that means the set-top box that's connected to the Slingbox isn't providing any video.  And that's usually due to HDCP on the set-top box cutting out analog video when HDMI connection is present.




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                  callanish Apprentice

                  Now that makes sense eferz in which the way you put it. I was thinking he was receiving this 'no signal' from the initial slingcatcher startup and not after it had connected to the slingbox. So, do you think he's changed something in his configuration, because if it was working before, what's changed to cause him to receive this message?