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    All cords disconnected, tried to reconnect HELP!




      I have a Slingbox Solo I had setup working perfectly. One day the cords were re-arraranged and disconnected


      Not sure if this is relevant but my new 2 in 1 Comcast modem/router was not working when I tried to connect recently. For some reason I decided to hook up my old router to the new modem and BOOM I have audio and video when I log into the slingbox account.


      When I try to log into my app on the iPhone I get two different messages.


      While clicking " Connect " The message " This box is currently unconfigured, Please configure this box using Sling Box setup and try again "


      When clicking "directory" my slingbox there and when I press "connect" the status shows locating then connecting but gives me the same message as above.


      Have I made strides in the connection process because I can view image and sound on the website?


      I need anybodies help so I can get NFL games streaming at work!!!!


      Thanks in advance, any help will be appreciated.