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    another authorized user is viewing this slingbox


      Purchased a new slingbox 350 and a roku 3 tonight. When I try to transfer the connection to my roku box from my phone it flashs on for just a moment and then it says connection diconected and my phone comes up and says another authorized user is viewing this slingbox. I am at a lose. I have all the correct ports forwarded. I am wondering if this is part of the error that most everyone else is getting. Any help would be greatly appeciated.

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          Did you ever get a fix for this problem?  I'm having the same issue, and can't use my Sling apps because of it.  Thanks. 

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              I'm seeing this issue a lot lately as well.  Steps to reproduce: Connect in using the Slingplayer app for Android (Samsung Galaxy) and hit the home button on the phone.  Switch back to Slingplayer a little while later and try to connect - I get the message advising 'Another authorized user is viewing this slingbox'.


              The interesting thing is this particular Slingbox is registered under one email address and I'm using another email address to connect into it from the app on the Android.  I know for sure 200% that the other use has definitely NOT connected into the box and no-one else has either.   If I view the physical slingbox I can see the lights on the (upside-down) horse shoe are not lit up indicating anyone is connected.


              If I then open a web browser and log in using my email account I get a message advising 'We're sorry, but the Owner is using their Slingbox. Try connecting later or choose a different Slingbox from the Directory'.  Again I know for certain the owner is not logged in and definitely did not connect in.



              Log into Slingbox.com using the email address the box is registered under.  When connecting into the Slingbox a message comes up "Slingbox  is being used by someone else. Would you like to disconnect them?".  Click 'Yes' and connect in.  Disconnect and then next time I connect in from my Android app it works first go.



              On a final note one message says the Owner is using their Slingbox but when I connect in as the owner another message advises someone else is using the Slingbox.  There is obviously some weird stuff going on.



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                  Wow, that's eerily similar to the problem I'm having with my Android phone and Roku devices.


                  [This was also posted in the Android forum]


                  I can't seem to get any control using my Android phone(s) to initiate streaming to either of my two Roku devices (if the phone brand matters, please let me know). I can get it to connect and begin streaming, but then I can't change the channel or do anything else. What happens is shortly after streaming starts, the phone app says some other device is connected and asks if it should kick them off or not. If I answer yes, I get disconnected and streaming stops. If I answer no, streaming continues but I have no remote control of my DVR. There's something really wrong in that implementation. When I use an Android tablet it's an entirely different experience. That dumb question is never asked and an interactive image of the remote for the DVR appears on the tablet screen. I've seen some screen controls on my phone on several occasions (never the interactive image as with a tablet), but those controls are not usually present. The main issue with the Android phone app is that it seems to think the Android phone has a streaming session going on when instead it's trying to initiate and control streaming to one of the Roku devices.


                  I think it might have been a better idea to make the Roku app interactive and not involve a phone or tablet. It shouldn't be too difficult to come up with some sort of on-screen remote control that appears on the TV and uses the Roku remote instead. In other words, make the Roku Slingplayer app do everything the phone currently has to do and leave the mobile device out of Roku connections. Newer Roku devices (I have one) have a motion-sensing remote that could be used like a mouse cursor with an on-screen UI. Older Roku devices (I have one of these, too) do not have this, so button-only navigation would need to be possible. Roku compatibility is one of the main reasons I bought my Slingbox 500. I wish it worked better.