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    How to manage devices


      Hello all,


      Hopefully someone can help me here, new M1 that I setup and connected to home Dish VIP722k DVR and cast the video to a Roku channel.  Everything worked and had no real issues. I decided that I need a dedicated Dish DVR so when I'am traveling dont interfere with the Dish DVR in the home.


      I purchased the exact same DVR and moved my M1 over to the new Dish DVR and now two things have happend:


      1)     The vitual remote still controls the first DVR that I initially setup with the M1. (it uses the same remote control as the other one since they are identical DVR's) I cant find the settings to change the device or the remote from my sling account, how do i do this?  Is this a reset the box fix?


      2)  Since the M1 is connected via hard wire ethernet where is the GUI to connect directly to M1 and change my settings?




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          alanrichey42 Master

          These boxes allow for different Remote Addresses so you can have multiple boxes without confliction.   Not sure how you change your second one but it will be in the manual or on the Net somewhere.   As far as the M1 is concerned. all Dish boxes use the same codes so have a look in the kist and see if you can see one that has the alternative address.   If you can;t find one come back and I will build you a Custom Remote.


          Don't understand Q2