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    is there really a usable built in tuner in the Pro HD


      I have a Pro HD. The ad made it sound like 4 people could connect to the box at once and pick their own TV stations, but all documentations seems to say you can use multi-inputs, or use a cable line in addition to HD inputs and maybe somehow if you can figure out where to maybe like change the thing they don't tell you where it is then maybe you can get another station.

      Anyone have accurate documentation on this? Is their ad stretching the truth, can we truly get 4 distinct stations at 1 time with 4 different users.

      I can't even get 1 remote user to not watch the same station as me.

      Thanks a bunch


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          eferz Expert

          Sling Media's intention is for the Slingbox to be used only by one user to use it at a time.  This is actually a feature called SlingSecure described here: (www.slingmedia.com/get/io_1255477160645.html)

              SlingSecure means placeshifted content is secured and limited to only one authorized user at a time


                  * Studio-approved content protection system
                  * User and device authentication so that only authorized viewers  have  access to paid content


          The Slingbox Pro-HD will allow you to use four seperate video inputs but the SD connections share the audio inputs.  So, its best to think of it as one input unless you don't care about the audio for either the S-Video or Composite video source.  Like maybe receving a video feed from a security camera.  That leaves us with three independant choices: HD (component) connection, SD (S-Video and Composite) connection and  ANT IN (coax),


          And yes, there is a single digital built-in tuner on the Pro-HD that can only tune in one channel at a time.