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    WDTV Live - Slingplayer V1.00.82 incompatible firmware for M1


      Just recently purchased a new M1 Slingbox, Man I was so excited pulling this out of the box and the set up was so easy, I was able to hit the device from my iPhone & iPad.  Then when I went to my WDTV live system I get "Local, incompatible firware" in the directory, I was about ready to box the M1 right up and take it back.  But before I do, let me see if others are experincing similar issues and who knows maybe someone from Sling will actually tell me this is just a update issue.  They'll also give me more of a date of when a firware update will be available, instead of the standard boiler plate BS "it coming in the future" I mean lets face it if the darn warranty expires on the M1 faster than the update being applied to WDTV live media players, whats the point?


      Maybe I'm over thinking this...  Maybe the problem is with Western Digital and they are just so behind the curve and don't really care when they get around to updating their firmware. 


      So what media players have worked with the M1?