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    Bought SB 500 to replace SB HD but Could not connect...


      Hello everyone, recently i bought SB 500 and replace my older SB HD Pro.


      Everything is connected, but as i went through the Slinbox.com page, i can see my New SB 500 and when i click on it, it shows error


      Your Slingbox is not currently accessible.


      • Possible causes are:
      • - It could be in the middle of an update
      • - It could be turned off
      • - It may have a local network issue
      • - It may be unable to connect to our backend services
      • - Your router may have an issue
      • Click here for more information.



      I been trying to correct this for a very long time.. Please assist me if you used to have the same problem, or u know the solution to this... I really appreciate your help.


      Note: My SB HD PRO does not have this problem