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    Upgrading everything

    Cpierswim Newbie

      At the same time, my parent's Slingbox Pro HD seems to have stopped working (doesn't respond to even a reset) and they are being forced into a set-top box cable reciever which they have never had before (cable company switching to all digital).


      So it seems they will need to upgrade to a new slingbox, and I have some questions.


      #1 - Currently - their HD Pro was set up with coaxial cables so that one person could watch one TV channel on the TV and the other person could watch another channel on their ipad. That would no longer be the case, correct? Whatever is being watched on the slingbox is the only thing that can be displayed on the TV? (Which would mean if they wanted to continue doing that, they would have to get another set-top box just for the slingbox.)


      #2 - With the conversion to digital, it appears that their DVRs are no longer going to work. I see that the 500 can connect to a USB hard drive. But am I correct in that there is no ability to record to that hard drive?

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          stanley.sling Apprentice

          Hello Cpierswim,


               To answer your questions:


          1. Because the new Slingboxes do not have coaxial input, the only way you could view the Slingbox independently from the attached TV would be if the set-top box has what is known as a "dual-tuner". A dual-tuner is a set-top box feature which allows for two separate outputs to two separate devices from the same set-top box. These separate outputs allow for the Slingbox and TV to be viewing channels independently from each other at the same time.


             2.  The USB drive on the Slingbox 500/SlingTV does not allow you to record DVR content to a USB storage-device. The USB drive on the Slingbox 500/SlingTV is for the feature known as "My Media". For more information on the My Media feature, check out the links below:





          Hope this helps!



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