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    Does SlingBox cap the iPhone app stream speed?


      I've had the Slingbox 350 for almost 3 weeks now. When using the iPhone app with airplay to stream to my apple TV, I cannot go more than 5 minutes without the stream buffering and hanging up completely.


      Now when I watch slingbox on my phone, I get speeds at 3 - 4,000 kbps and no hang ups or anything.


      But when I use airplay it seems like they cap my stream speed at 1,000 kbps? When I use airplay I'll start out at about 2-400 kbps and it will increase by 100 kbps until it reaches about 1,200 kbps. Then this is when the stream buffers and hangs up. After it's done buffering, my stream is back down to 2-400 kbps and then it works its way back up again increasing by 100 kbps until it reaches the 1,200 kbps mark where it again buffers and hangs up.


      Am I the only one with this problem? Does the iPad have this issue because I will gladly use that to stream with airplay if not.