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    Slingplayer Windows 8 Hidden Channels Prob


           I have recently purchased and used the subject app from the Windows Store and it mostly works really well, bvut I have run into a slight problem managing hidden channels in the Guide. There is an option in the 'All Channels' listing in the Guide to hide selected channels, and it works fine. When a channel is selected, it drops out of the listing. However, I accidently hid one I wanted to keep, and I am unable to find a way to restore it. Yes, there is an option available in the Settings option when you drag out the Windows menu bar from the right side of the screen (see attached image) by selecting Settings->Options->Hidden Channels, but I cannot get it to work as advertised. When I check off a channel to restore, there is no options to save my selections, and just pushing the Back icon at top results in no change in the Guide. When I go back into Settings again, the channel is still there.


           Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug in the app?

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          It's next to invisible, but a button does appears on the bottom offscreen that may something like either "ok" or "save" (impossible to see), and you can click the single pixel line that appears (perhaps only with a mouse) .


          In the attached screen grab zoom, you can see the lost button as a single pixel blue line along the border, thickening the border for a small section below were it lists the last channel or "99 CI" in the capture.  It is possible to click blue line and get things to work.


          I think I'll leave some in app feedback to see if they'll fix it.