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    350 won't connect


      I have a Slingbox 350 and it won't connect to my computer anymore. I have tried resetting it, unplugging/plugging it in, etc. and it still won't connect. Most of the time both the power and network lights are on and the Cat5 connection between it and my router is sound. I can get it to a point where my browser will recognize there is a Slingbox to connect but when I do what it tells me (reset and then hit refresh), it can no longer find the Slingbox. I would appreciate if someone in support would respond to this message or call me. Thank you.

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          I am having the same issue. There seem to have been an upgrade/ change with slingbox over the last couple of days. Ever since then, slingbox will no longer load on any browser. Explorer 7 does not load the app to the point where I cannot even see the breadcrumb menus. When attempting to connect to slinbox through firefox, it never establishes a connection to the player. It just circles for hours. On top of all of that, there is an outrageous amount of spam associated with slingbox now. On every click there are 3,4,5 windows attempting to open. I do not have that issue with any other application I am running on the same computer. I can not get a hold of tech support without calling and having to spend $30. I have been a slingbox user for over 10 years but this is getting too stupid to having to deal with. Fritz

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            stanley.sling Apprentice

            Hey dcrickheim,


                 To start us off, I would like you to first run a speed test from the network the Slingbox is connected to. To run this test, go to www.speedtest.net (on a PC or Mac) and click on "Begin Test". After the test is complete, please respond to this post with your upload and download speed results.



            Awaiting your reply!



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                I have had nothing but problems with my sling box not starting (it gets hung up on connecting than gives an error (7)). Everything is set up correctly and I'm getting sick of slings solution which requires a factory reset. How do you do a factory reset when you're in a different country?  Regardless, it seems like I've been bitten twice now with your crappy hardware. (I was stung by the firmware update 5 years ago that sling denies having any involvement with half of the sling boxes frying on update)


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                Having the same exact issue. What is the resolution? I have ATT Gigapower @ 321mb down and 320 up. My speed is Not THE issue. It is on the sling servers....

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                  My 350 will not connect. Everything else is connected???   What is up with this?