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    Catcher will not find all my files on WD network external drive



      I have a Sling catcher connected to my WsternDigital MyBook 1TB via home network. After cleanning up my 1tb (formatted), my catcher will no longer see my music collection like it use to do, and will only find my video collection.


      I set up my SlingCatcher by:


      1. In SlingCatcher, go to Settings > Storage > Add Network Drive.
      2. Select Manually Add Drive
      3. Enter the URL of the drive on network (not the IP address) into the SlingCatcher screen.
        \\computer name\folder path




      I have gone to RESCAN DRIVE for new files and it still will not find my music collection.  I have even added video to my music file, it sees my video in the music file but will not find any other file inside the music folder, nor see any of the compatible format music. http://support.slingbox.com/go/slingcatcher-my-media-faq


      I have also deleted the drive from the slingcatcher and manually entered the specific location of the music folder \\wdstorage\PUBLIC\ENTERTAINMENT\++MUSIC++,  in this instance it will not find the drive, nor the folder. I would have to re-enter \\wdstorage\PUBLIC so that it could at least find my videos.


      Thank you in advance for any suggestion.