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    wdtv live connecting to slingbox issue


      Hello....The screen shows "starting streaming" but then an error message appears: "http error retreiving source ir controls. Code 16".


      Trying to see if this is a wdtv live issue or slingbox issue....thanks

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          kevin.sling Apprentice

          Hello angels3mlt,


          What this sounds like is the Internet Viewing was not configured correctly for connected devices.  It may work fine on mobile devices or even on the computer but if the TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) is not passing in the home router, this could cause the connected device (WDTV) to disconnect itself once the connection is made or not even connect al all causing the error you are seeing.


          This is what I recommend you to do:


          1. Be at the home location of the Slingbox
          2. Go to setup on slingbox.com on a computer on the same network as the Slingbox
          3. Select "Get Started"
          4. Select "Set Up Internet Viewing"


          The following image is what you should see for the "Set Up Internet Viewing":





          If this fails or states almost complete, you will have to manually port forward your home router with the IP address of the Slingbox.  You can find your router information from the following website:


          Once there, select your routers brand name.  After this, the site will try to sell you something but just close this out by selecting the "Close [X]" in the upper right hand side of the screen.


          Once this is done you can then select the model number of the router.  Once this is selected, scroll down to the word Slingbox and select Slingbox.  This will now give you instructions on how to port forward your router.


          After you follow the steps, go ahead and run the "Set Up Internet Viewing" again to see this step passes.


          Hope this helps!!!



          Sling Media Moderation Team