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    Genie for Directv


      Does anyone know if the Directv Remote Genie unit will work with these slingbox units as far as something such as if I wanted to have it set up for my daughter to be able to watch one channel at college and I can still watch what I want to watch back at home?  That would be the main reason I would try to avoid hooking it up to the main Genie unit and would rather try to go with the remote.  Maybe it does not matter??  It can record  4 shows at once, but I don't know if 2 different shows could be watched at the same time.  One big thing she really wants to do is be able to catch her favorite football team while away and I always get the Sunday ticket and I am hoping she will be able to use this to take advantage of this as Direct TV does not have a good app that works constantly for us.


      Thanks in advanace


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          ferguspa Apprentice

          A Slingbox will work with either the main Genie unit or one of the Genie Mini ("remote") units.  Note the Genie Mini might require a cable to be purchased so it can feed the Slingbox a component video signal.


          However regardless of the Slingbox, DirecTV's hardware will not play back two separate programs to two separate outputs.  If the Slingbox changes the channel on the DirecTV receiver, if someone is watching a TV hooked to that same receiver the channel will change for them as well.