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    Things that need fixing and ideas to improve the interface


      Why is there no place on this web site where you can report issues with the software to technical support?

      These are simple software fixes (sling 500 PC web browser viewer):

      I’m on an HP G62 Windows 7 using i.e. 11

      When I’m in full screen with the remote up the esc key dos not work to get out of full screen, I have to push the power button on the on screen remote. Then it pops out of full screen.

      The on screen guide always starts at the very first channel. The HD channels start at 1000 on my cable provider. I take forever to scroll past the analog channels. Why can’t you program it to remember where you were when you last closed it.

      Sometime the audio lags behind, I know it has to do with the bandwidth, but to correct it I turn the remote power off and back on. Why not have a button that does this so seamlessly that you don’t even see but a glitch. Then it would be great if your software could detect when it was lagging and automatically sync as needed.

      I don’t know how you add or remove channels from favorites. I have added some by playing around but have no clue how to remove channels. Maybe a + and – next to the channel would be nice with an indicator of when a channel was in favorites.