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    loss of video


      Using Watch Sling with Windows 7 system, I receive "loss of video" error with audio continuing.  This is a repetative problem.  Leaving the program and returning usually restarts teh video, only to fail later.

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          kevin.sling Apprentice

          Hello dhitch,


          The Slingbox that you own, do you own a Slingbox 500?  If so, are you using HDMI cables, either from the cable box  top the Slingbox or from the Cable box to the TV?


          If this is so, have a look at this article below:



          This article explains to use Component cables as the video source.  If this still gives you interruptions of video, try removing the HDMI cables all together and just use component cables.  If you do this, after removing the HDMI cable, make sure you power cycle your cable box (unplug from wall, count to ten, then plug back in).


          Let me know if this helps!!!



          Sling Media Moderation Team

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              The setup that you discribe is the one I was using (with included HDMI cable).  Ive checked everything and rebooted all components.  If it still has the same proble, then I'll try the 100% component approach and report.  Hopefull the company will come up with a softwae patch that makes all this unnecessary.