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    Real Reviews of the M1

    terradon973 Newbie

      now that people have the M1, how is it compared to the 350 or Belkin @TV (for those who have it)? Likes/Dislikes (beisdes app gouging)? Bandwidth? Viewing outside of home?

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          terradon973 Newbie

          after being ***** about the additional costs and no documentation for setting the WiFi up and limited ability to setup without wifi pc or forking over $15 for apps here is my honest review:




          Viewing remote and local are outstanding!!
          Setup: M1 connected via WiFi 2.4Ghz to Asus RT-N66u Router to FIOS Router
          Verizon FIOS 50UP/50DOWN
          Local viewing on Android Tablet 1280x800, HD Quality Selected (not auto) 8Mbps (8.0Mpbs seems to be the max) EXCELLENT

          Local viewing on wired PC 5.7Mbps HD Quality Selected (not auto) HD 23" Monitor EXCELLENT
          Remote viewing from Windows PC HD Quality Selected 4-6Mbps Very Good to Excellent

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              I have not been able to get mine to work.  I am running it off a MAC.  It turned on the day I got it, never turned on again and I have been trying since July 31st, 2014 to get retrun labels to return the product and get one that works.  I dont understand why they are making this so difficult.  My old slingbox av works fine but I can't use it with my newer TV or Iphone App.