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    Verizon Quantum box arris ipc1100 RCA audio to Pro HD?

      I just converted from regular Verizon multi-room DVR to the new FIOS Quantum. I have a total of 4 Quantum boxes in the house, one larger main box and 3 of the smaller boxes in other rooms.


      I connected the component video/audio output from one of the smaller Quantum boxes (Arris IPC1100) to a Pro HD  but I don't get audio. The Slingbox either doesn't recognize the signal, or the signal is too weak for the Slingbox to push. I've tried a different Quantum boxes and different Pro HD boxes  but still nothing.  I have verified that the Arris IPC1100 is outputting sound.  I connected a speaker to the arris component audio out to separate speaker and it worked find.  It has to be the Pro HD accepting/passing the sound through.  No sound from webclient, iphone, etc.. 
      I can connect everything SD to the Pro HD and it works but SD is not why i brought the PRO HD! ... HELP!!!


      Before the upgrade, I fed the component video/audio from the old FIOS box to the Pro HD for years with no issue.
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          alanrichey42 Master

          Not sure what you mean by 'component audio' as there is no such thing.  The component is a video standard.   The only audio supported by Slingbox is the standard analog RCA Red/White connections.   These are used for ALL the inputs on the Slingbox.    Is that what you are using ?

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            Quaid, I am in the same situation as you. I just updated my router and 4 set top boxes (STBs) to FiOS Quantum. I am using the same STB model as you (Arris IPC1100) and an older model Slingbox Pro-HD from 2012. After 4 hours of troubleshooting (router configurations, inside the LAN, outside the LAN, different devices, browser variations, port testing, pings, you get the idea), I've isolated the issue to the STB itself. There is something on the STB preventing the signal from broadcasting properly. The owner manual says the STB uses "Macrovision copy protection" - while I can't prove that this is what is displacing the signal, I have no choice but to attribute the issue to copyright protection features built into the box. Neither the router nor the cabling was the issue (I tried both Composite and Component hookups and changed my configuration settings between the two using the website wizard to no avail). I swapped out STBs within the house to hook up to the Slingbox, no go. I swapped my old (working) router with the new STBs, no go. I did a hard/factory reset to the Slingbox, no go. I put my old router in and my old STB in, and it worked! I finally put my new router in and put my old STB in, and THAT worked. I am telling Verizon, tough luck, I will keep the 3 new boxes and the new router, but 1 of the old boxes is also staying.

            Note: while I wasn't able to get picture on my iOS Slingbox app, I was able to get audio. The website did not give my audio or picture.

            Good luck, hope this saves you some time.