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    Wifi Setup for M1

    terradon973 Newbie

      How are you supposed to setup? No Directions in the box, and no info on the website...great support

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          Cauchon Novice

          Hi terradon973,


          To set up Wi-Fi on a new (and unconfigured) Slingbox M1, please plug the power cable into the Slingbox. Be sure the not plug in Ethernet, otherwise Wi-Fi may not work properly.


          It'll take around 90 seconds for it to fully start up and be ready for Wi-Fi setup. At this point, you can open up the Slingplayer Desktop and you should see a Slingbox named something like "Slingbox_1234". Next to this, it should say "Setup" and you can begin to set up the box. Note: You need Wi-Fi to be enabled on your computer and Ethernet unplugged for this to work properly.


          Set up can also be done on Slingplayer for iPhone, iPad, or Android phone.


          If you need further help with setting up the Slingbox M1, I'd recommend calling our support line. We'll have a real person ready to help walk you through the process (7AM-7PM PST): http://support.sling.com/Contact


          Hope this helps,


          Product Manager @ Sling

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            same problem - does not work.  should take 10 min , have tried 10 times over 2 days and it does not complete (says error c-202). hooked up ethernet, it did complete the update and installed it but then when you hit "continue", it just cycles a software download and install - it never moves onto just letting you use the slingbox!!  strange. taking back to Best Buy!  tried it thru my ipad sling app - same problems!  need to fix bugs on these new sling's.  my old sling HD from 2010 works just fine.