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    Can't Watch Slingbox 500 on an internet browser all of a sudden...


      I was able to watch TV on my work computer a couple of days ago on Google Chrome.  Today I could not, it looks like it is connecting and a blank screen shows up - no video or audio.  I tried Fire Fox and had the same issue.  I am able to connect to other websites just fine on both browsers.  I was  able to watch my Slingbox on my iPad air app today. I don't like using the app because it is not as reliable as watching on the computer.  A tech w/ Slingbox said that in order to troubleshoot my problem, she needed my Slingbox password.  Is this okay to share?  Typically a company will tell you to never share your password. 


      Thank you.  Becky

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          kevin.sling Apprentice

          Hello ACC5938366,


          Sorry to hear that you are experience no video through the web browsers.


          It sounds like to me that you are able to connect to the Slingbox just fine.


          Here is something to try, bring up your remote on the computer and select the power button.  After this, wait a little bit to see it the home cable box is shut off.  If the cable box is shut off, then all you will see is a black screen.


          If you have verified that the cable box is on, verify that all your wires are firmly connected to the Slingbox in the in and out ports.  If one cable is loose, then this could cause a black screen.


          Once the verification of the wires are connected properly, what input is configured for the Slingbox?  If you have configured Composite (Yellow video, Red and White audio), and only have Component (Red, Blue, Green Video, and Red and White Audio) wires (or HDMI) to the Slingbox, this could cause a black screen.  You can verify this by following the steps from the following article:



          Even though you have not replaced your cable box, the steps in this article can still verify if you are setup correctly.


          After verifying the correct input is configured correctly and you are still just seeing a black screen, if there is a HDMI cable connected to the cable box, have a look at this article:



          Even though this title stated the HDMI cable from Cable box to TV, this will still occur if the HDMI cable is ran through the Slingbox as pass through.


          To answer the question about sharing your password, if you do not feel safe sharing your Sling Account password, what you can temporary do is change the password to like just "Sling123" or "Password" so the Sling Technician can take a look at the account.  Once the troubleshooting is done you can change the password back.


          If you do not know how to change your password, have a look at this article below:



          Hope this helps!!!



          Sling Media Moderation Team