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    Can't change streaming quality


      Just got the new M1 and it's great to be Slinging again after my old AV was gathering dust.

      Here's my issue.

      I use the Android phone Sling app on my HTC One M7 (2013) on Sprint, where I get LTE speeds higher than 20 MBPs.

      When I open the app to watch, the video quality is SQ.

      When I try to switch to HQ or Auto, the screen goes blank.

      When I'm on wi-fi (which is only 16 MBPs), I have no issues switching video quality.

      The SQ obviously looks poor compared to the HQ and I can't understand why I can't switch when I'm on a fast mobile network.

      Any ideas how to fix this?


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          rpcb61 Newbie

          I the mobile app do you have the stream limited to 1024kbits. This is under settings.

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            I have the same problem. it is very, very sad, but unfortunately the setting of the video streaming quality does not work reliably. when I set after app-start (Samsung S3 with LTE and/or Wifi) manually from SQ to HQ or to auto, I often (not always) get a dark screen - without any error message. then streaming works sometimes half an hour in HQ quality, then again not. whether HQ or auto was set. an ugly bucking and dropouts - unfortunately unacceptable and very disappointing... an uninstall and reinstall of the slingplayer app including data erasing did not help. I had especially an expensive upgrade of my upload speed to 10 mbit ordered at the Telekom to get a nice picture - for vain. in addition to mention: the presetting "video quality" is always ignored - whether "automatic" or "high" was set, it always goes first on SQ ....

            only with the low SQ quality I have no stuttering and a stable image - but unfortunately a very bad picture. so the slingbox for me is not usable.

            PS: I have the 350 box, the windows desktop software always works correctly in HQ and of course, the setting "limit data rate over cellular connection (1024 kbps)" is not activated.

            any ideas where the problem could be?

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              On its own the streaming quality issue stopped, when I was on 4G LTE, i was able to stream in HQ. Recently, it started doing it again. Even if I switch to auto, the screen goes blank. SQ only. And that's with 700-900 MB speeds.

              What gives Sling?

              It'd be nice if a rep replied to this question because I'm not the only one having it.

              Thanks, I love Sling, have had it for more than 7 years.

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                  Ok - the following solved the problem in my case :-) ... provided by the slingbox support team.


                  Establishing the port-forwarding on my router on TCP (not UDP) port 5201 to my slingbox 350 at home was the solution. That was all !

                  But why is this not more apparent documented and specified in "FAQs for mobile devices" e.g. ??


                  You can google the streaming methods: TCP, SNATT, Relay, SUDP ... and find more ... ;-)