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    Cox Communications CISCO Model GSH 9865 Cable Box


      I just received my new Slingbox M1 and during setup I could not find my Cox Communications CISCO Model GSH 9865 digital cable box/DVR on the available list of cable boxes on your setup page.  I contacted Support and they couldn't find it either and they suggested using a Time-Warner CISCO cable box entry that gives me a virtual Remote Control that is somewhat similar to my real remote.  Apparently this new Cox CISCO cable box (the CONTOUR system) is very new and not in your database yet.   Your Support tech suggested that I get on this forum and bring this to your attention and hopefully you can add this new cable box to you development/software upgrades.  Thank you.

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          alanrichey42 Master

          It takes months for Sling to produce new remotes.   I can do a 'quick & dirty' one for you that will give you full functionality but using the default image.   If you can get me a picture of the remote I may be able to get it to look right as well.


          Let me know if you want one,

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            I live in Phoenix and also subscribe to Cox Contour and noticed during setup noticed the Cisco 9865HDC was not listed, however I did choose a similar older Cisco DVR (Cisco 8642HDC). The virtual remote control is identical and controls my device properly.


            HOWEVER when I looked at the Guide on my iPad, Mac and Windows Slingbox s/w I noticed only channels 1-99 were listed.

            I can directly tune to the HD channels I usually view but this is not acceptable - I want to setup my favorites and also the guide is pretty much useless since there are alot of channels I view that are not part of the basic cable.


            Anyone else have a similar issue?