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    Can't complete setup


      I am trying to setup my new M1 using the WiFi option and it gets part of the way thru the process and then tells me it can't connect to the network. I called support and it was a complete waste of time. I told them I was trying the setup via my laptop so they told me to try it on my iPhone. $15 later and I seem to get a little further but same end result. Seems to connect initially but then after a few minutes of "setting up configuration" it tells me it can't connect to network cause it either has a bad password (it's right) or that the sling of can't read the network settings.


      So, I assume it it something with the way my router is set up, security, or something, but a phone call to sling just got me upset, cost me $30 (cause they also suggested to try it on my iPad which is another $15 app), and it still can't connect.


      Any suggestion? I have ATT broadband.

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          terradon973 Newbie

          same here had to fork up $15 to "try" to get WiFi up with no success. Total Cluster F, this new one is.

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              Also can't complete setup. Reset the M1 and connected with LAN cable. Not using Wifi. Have a direct connection bypassing content filter and firewall restrictions. Slingplayer Desktop recognizes and connects to the M1, downloads and installs the software update, then after finished I click continue and it does the same download and install over and over again.

              Anyone have have ideas. I've not been able to find a way to actually talk to a support technician.

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                  I'm at the same point as many of you. During setup, I can't get past the software update screen. After successfully updating the M1, when I click next, it just starts updating again. Same thing when I use the ipad app. In addition, wifi recognizes the box only occasionally. I've done the hard reset several times and even disabled my windows Norton firewall protection. Seems like the slingbox M1 and associated app are just taking me in circles.

                  Dear Sling, Any reason to hold out hope I can actually use this device as intended or should I give up and take it back to store now? I see others have been waiting a while for replies and fixes....

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                      I finally was able to get the M1 to update after several attempts. I had to

                      hard reset it and move it to a direct internet connection outside of my

                      content filtering and firewall. Once it started and updated its firmware to

                      the latest version I was able to return the device back to my internal

                      network and it functioned properly with my firewall and filtering settings.

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                  I am having the same issue. I am trying to connect via wi-fi and an unable to connect to the network. I get the following error:


                  Error: the connection to your slingbox failed. Please make sure that sling player desktop is added to firewall exceptions list. Please connect your device back to your home network and try again. Code: w-101


                  I have added it to the firewall exceptions, but still no luck. I see the slingplayer network come up on wi-fi, so i don't think it is a signal problem.


                  I got sick of waiting on hold for support. any other ideas?

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                    I have the same issue here.  Seems like nobody has an answer yet.  Id appreciate it if someone would help us all out.  Thanks.