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    Slingbox 500 vs SlingTV


      I am seeing there are new slingbox products available. Last year I purchased the slingbox 500 and have kept my device up-to-date with software updates as they are pushed out. I am curious to know what is the difference between the slingbox 500 and the slingTV? Are there certain features that are accessible via the slingTV and not the slingbox 500?

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          OvCollyer Apprentice

          It's the same hardware, apparently.


          At some point they said they'll update the firmware on the 500 which will turn it into the SlingTV.


          Essentially it's just a re-branding exercise from what I can tell.

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              pjcala6 Newbie

              can anyone advise me?? I have the slingbox 500 and I just upgraded to the xfinity X1  and now when I watch through my slingbox with the netgear Neo Tv Pro. the Pause button is all grayed out and will not work.. Any advice???

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                  JohnKeller Newbie

                  Hello Janet,


                  Thank you for posting your question to the Sling Media Community.  It sounds like you need to reconfigure your Slingbox 500 with your new Xfinity X1 cable box.  Anytime a new cable box is introduced into the Slingbox ecosystem, it might require you to reconfigure the device.  This is because the remote settings are still aligned with your previous remote.  Here is a support article that will walk you through step by step instructions on how to complete the reconfiguration:


                  Setting Up Your Slingbox 500/Sling TV


                  The second half of this article is dedicated to reconfiguring your device, either via the onscreen TV method, or through a computer connected to your home network.  Follow these steps, and when it asks you to set up your audio/video device (i.e. cable box), choose the new Xfinity X1.  The new remote should have full functionality.


                  Hope you find this information useful in your endeavors!



                  Sling Media Technical Support

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                      pjcala6 Newbie

                      Hi John

                      Thanks for the reply. When the tech installed the X1, I did check thru the computer and everything was working. However when I left Pa and went to NY , the sling box through the computer worked . Only when I connected through the net gear neo tv does the pause button not work.  I'm not talking about the virtual remote because with the neo tv there is no virtual remote. Just a banner at bottom with the words pause, play, ff or rewind. This is where the pause does not work.



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