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    Change TV Provider Settings


      I feel like ive tried everything but i cant seem to figure out how to change tv Provider settings on the Slingbox M1. Anyone else run into this?

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          brett.sling Newbie

          Hello Nicholas,


          Thank you for using the Slingbox Answers Forum.

          To change the provider setting on your Slingbox M1 within Slingplayer for Desktop, you can do the following:


          1. Select 'Standard View', located above the video player
          2. Click on Settings > Reconfigure Video Input
          3. Select the video input (component or composite) that you previously configured, and then "Change device"
          4. You will see the message "This will reset your Slingbox settings. Would you like to continue?"
            • Click "Continue"
          5. This will put you back in the Audio Visual set up flow, where you can update your provider and other settings for your M1.


          Hope this helps,


          Brett W.

          PM @ Sling Media

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            get you act together Sling Box.  This in not an unusally request. CenturyLink Prism tv remote?