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    Doubt before buying (related to initial set-up)


      I am contemplating the purchase of a Slingbox M1 but I have a doubt regarding its initial set-up.  At the moment, I am working as an expat in Europe and my family resides in the US.   The idea is to have my folks buy the Slingbox in the US and install it at their home, but my computer and tablet are here with me in Europe.  My question is, do my devices need to be connected to the same network as the Slingbox during the initial installation for me to be able to watch from a remote location?  In other words, if my parents do the initial set-up using their own computer (which is in the US),  once it is up and running, will I be able to watch from Europe using my computer or tablet?   Or do I need to wait until I go back home to the US in order to link my computer and tablet to the Slingbox at my parent's network?


      I thank you in advance to those who take time to answer my question!

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          OvCollyer Apprentice

          No that's fine. The setup process is separate from the viewing so once the box is setup any device can subsequently view the stream provided they log into your account.

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            brett.sling Newbie

            Hello gd8989,


            Thank you for using the Slingbox Answers Forum. To set up the new Slingbox M1, the device you use to set up (phone, tablet or PC/Mac) will need to be on the same local network as the Slingbox. Once the network is set up, you can finish audio/visual setup remotely.


            In your scenario - you would need a family member in the US, where the Slingbox M1 is located, to do at least the network setup. You can stream from your device remotely, once setup is complete. Make sure setup is done on the same account you will be streaming from.


            I hope this answers your questions. Let us know if you have any further questions.




            Brett W.

            PM @ Sling Media