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    Setting the port on M1

    Dave2SSRS Newbie

      How do I set the port on the M1?  It defaults to 5301 but I want to run it on another port that gets through my firewall at the office.  Is it possible?  On my Slingbox Classic I was able to do this without issue.


      How do i set the port on the M1?  This is critical for most users behind a strict firewall.


      Thank you,


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          OvCollyer Apprentice

          You can't.


          They used to support this feature up until the Slingbox Pro-HD but then they removed it from the 350/500 onwards.


          There were numerous requests at the time of the 350/500 release a couple of years ago for the feature to be brought back as it was very helpful for some peipke to be able to manually choose the port number, but they ignored them all so I wouldn't hold out much hope it's in their plans.

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              Dave2SSRS Newbie

              They did move my original post on the port setting to the enginners forum as a enhancment request.  Here's to hoping!  This is a major feature for a streaming device... you absolutely need to be able to set the port it uses or you lose complete control of the device.


              I just can't believe they left this out again.


              The M1 works great but I sure would like to use it remotely!  LOL!!  ;-)