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    Tivo Minis and Slingbox M1


      I have a Tivo Roamio Plus setup with two Tivo minis connected to it via a moca network.  I have an old Slingbox Solo that I would like to upgrade to a Slingbox M1 but wonder if it will work (the Solo is not currently hooked up). To those unfamiliar with this Tivo setup, the Tivo Roamio Plus base unit records all programs and the Tivo mini units pull the programs from the base unit via the moca network for watching on TVs at the mini location.  The TVs at the mini locations function like "dumb TVs" since all content comes from the base unit.


      I want to connect the M1 to a Tivo Mini but the Tivo Mini has only a single component port and a single A/V port.  The single HDMI port is in use and connected to the TV. Can this be done and do the proper cables come with the M1? I'm not concerned that much about picture quality but want to set this up so that I can watch TV on a large screen computer monitor using the Slingbox app. Tivo has apps that let me watch the Tivo content on an iPhone and iPad already.


      Secondly, if responders think the above setup will work, does Slingbox have a money back guarantee, if for some reason it does not work?


      Thanks for any comments.