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    Problems with SlingPlayer for Android



      I have a Slingbox 350 and access the player using either Internet Explorer or the slingplayer app on my android device.  Everything has been fine for the last couple of months but a problem has started earlier today.  I can access the slingbox fine using Internet Explorer but when I try and access the slingbox using my android device it will not connect.  The app launches on my device.  I get the usual 'locating', 'connecting' then 'starting' progress indicators, then the app hangs on 'starting' and does not progress to 'optimising'.


      I have tried 2 different android devices without success and I have rebooted my home network.  Both my PC (with Internet Explorer) and the android devices are connected to my home network.  As I can access the slingbox with Internet Exploere I an certain this is not a problem with my home network.


      Any advise or suggestion to fix this issue would be appreciated, thanks.