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    iPhone App Not Saving Password, Defaults to SD




      I'm using the latest iPhone SlingPlayer app and having the following issues:


      Password Not Being Saved

      Every 5 or 10 times I open the iPhone app, my password isn't saved and I have to log-in again.  My settings are reset to default, so I have to go in and change them every time this happens.  Is anyone else experiencing this issue?  Any ideas on how I might fix it?  I called Sling technical support, but they couldn't solve it.  This also happened on a different device about a year ago.  My iPhone 5S is jailbroken, but I'm not sure why this would matter.


      Quality Defaults to SD

      I have set the default quality to Auto in the Slingbox settings; however, when I connect, the quality setting is always SD.  I have to go in manually to change this to Auto if I want to watch a better quality stream or use Airplay.  Any idea how to fix this?  Again, Sling technical support didn't have the answer and advised that I post this issue on the Forum.